Taj Mahal, Novel Story Of Love

Taj Mahal, Novel Story Of  Love --- Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Shah Jehan or Jahan (1614-1666) as an offering of his love for his wife, Arjumand, who always called Mumtaz Mahal (Palace of Choice). Although the second wife Mumtaz (other versions say he fifth wife),
but he is the Sultan's favorite wife. Mumtaz died after giving birth to a son-14. Sultan is to grieve after him. To commemorate and immortalize his love for Mumtaz, he then built a beautiful and magnificent monuments. Taj Mahal has been famousin the world. And become one of the most visited tourist attraction in India. Splendor keep eternal love story as well as tragedy in many versions. In the version of the John Shors, presented not only the Sultan of eternal love affairs with the queen, but also the forbidden romance between Jahanara, the daughter of the Sultan, with Ustad Isa, the architect who designed the Taj Mahal.

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